Falling in love

Melaka is known for its rich cultural heritage and after spending a few days here we can’t agree more. It is also listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage City since 2008. The city itself has a lot of influence from several european countries such as Portugal, Netherlands and Great Britain. You can find some of the influence on a lot of the buidlings. Just by strolling along with the river and watching at all the house painting and all the flower arrangement makes you feel like swept from your feet and falls in love immediately with this charming city.

We stayed at this small but quite cozy hostel, The bunk by Oliver, in our own room this time. The room itself is not that big but big enough to store our packing and the price was reasonable to us, 69 RM/night and it was a walking distance to the city, approximately 10 minutes walk.

Melaka is also well known for its food. We have noticed that it is actually quite difficult to find local Malayan food since the city has such a culturally diverse population with malays, chinese and indians are the most common people here.
One dish I really loved right away was Wan tan mee. It it basically noodle soup with dumplings, you can either order dry och soup version. I haven’t tried the dry one yet because the soup version is too good and it will only cost you 5 RM which is less than a dollar.

There is a lot of things besides strolling around the streets in Melaka, in the centre of the city you can walk up to St Paul hill to have a clear view of the ocean and frankly a big part of the city. You will find the church that was never finished and became a ruin but inside you can see some well made tombstones.

If you ever get thirsty which you eventually will be you will have to visit this artsy cafe that we found on the Jonker street, Calanthe Art Café, who serve the best choco milkshake I have ever tasted. You can literally sit there all day and just read a book or look at some of the cool art they have made. Also the food there is delicious. This is not the the only café in this town, you can find several that makes you just want to get in and order your coffee to just sit there and enjoy the moment.

If you want a clear overview of Melaka then the easiest way to do that is to take a ride on Menara Taming Sari. For around a 7 minutes you will have a panoramic view over 80 metres above ground. It cost 25 RM for adults and 18 RM for children.

The city does offer a free tour if you like to know more about how the malayan neighbourhood was like in Melaka during the occupation. The tour starts at 4 pm but registration starts at 3.30 pm so be there in time, there are only around 10 spots available. It starts with some history over the area and then you get to visit Villa Sentosa, a traditional malayan house. It is a well preserved traditional house, where the owner’s son & daughter, I believe they are the 4 generation that are living in this house at the moment. They are very welcoming, and seems enjoying sharing their family history, and the traditional equipment in their house patiently. There are also a malayan wedding setup for the public to see how it looks like.

The tour along will take around 1,5 hours and it is 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, all tours are at the same time, at 4 pm. The tour guide will show you around the neigbourhood and visit some of the people who live there. We got to try this fruit drink that was really tasty but the fruit itself was very sour but not like a lemon. You just have to taste one and see it for yourself. You will also get try out a traditional malayan robe, how to tie it and how you can wear it.

For those who is active wants more action at the evening you can visit some of the night market. You have the Jonker street market where you can find all kind of delicious food, shops, lights, it got it all for a perfect stroll in the evening/night. The Jonker street market is only open during weekends, from Fri-Sun, 6-12 pm.


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  1. Just to try the best choc milkshake you have ever tasted, I must go to Melaka! Amazing city! Wonder pics. Enjoy

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