Game changer

One thing about us is that we both are time optimist (or mostly me). We were actually planning on taking the Jungle train from Johor Baharu in Malaysia to Jerantut and visit Taman Negara (known as the worlds oldest deciduous rainforest). We have been using uber all day in Singapore without any problem so we ordered an uber from our hostel to take us to Johor Baharu where the Jungle train would start. Minutes are ticking and no uber are accepting our drive and our happy smiles slowly turned to panicked expressions. We asked the staff in the hostel on how to get to Johor Baharu and the answer we got was either by taxi or bus. Sure, taxi would probably be your first choice, but they only accept to drive if you are at least 4 person. Since we are just 2, we started to run to the local bus and just made it to the bus station.

Happy ending you would guess, but sorry to say that this bus ride was a gameplan changer for us. It was suppose to take 1,5 hour to get to the train station and we have 2 hours til the train leaves but it took us nearly 3 hours to get to the station. Basic math, yes we did miss the train because first you have the traffic. We took the 5 PM bus and when we arrived at the border to Malaysia and in the middle of the traffic jam the bus suddenly opens the door and nearly everyone ran out of the bus and starting to run. We didn’t cared that much about it since we thought it was near the end station and didn’t want to get stuck in traffic plus people tried to avoid the rain. We later found out that they were running to the border immigration so they didn’t have to queue too long.
If you are going to do the same route as we did, take your time and save your bus ticket because after you have entered Malaysia you will enter the same bus again that will take you the last 1,5 km to Johor Baharu station. You can also walk if you don’t have too much to carry on your back.

Like I said before, since we have missed the train we had two choices. Either wait on the next train which is the next day at the same time or change our route.
This is how Melaka became our next destination.

One thing about me is that these setbacks doesn’t bother me at all since it means that there is another adventure around the corner. Plus I sleep a lot and by that I don’t mean I sleep 9-10 hour straight but more like power naps. I can sleep on the floor, bench chair or even standing up just leaning to something. That is how I can keep going on.

No act of kindness,
no matter how small,
is ever wasted.

To get to Melaka you have to take the train to Gemas and change train to Tampin. From Tampin take the bus to Melaka. One thing we have notice is that the people here are very kind. We met a man from the train who looked at us like we were two lost teenager far way from home. He walked with us for 1,5 km to show us the bus station where we could take the bus to Melaka. You get feed with hate and bad news all day through social media or the newspaper. You kind of forget that there is way, way more kind souls out there. We keep feeling the love that the people of this country has given us.

Our route from Johor Baharu to Melaka


  1. At least they can sleep easy, I think … and the best thing is that they adapt as natives. Thanks for teaching, good humor and enjoy reading as you look at the photos. Happy trip, by the way, are on the other side of the earth. Our beautiful planet.

    1. Hahaha it is very lucky that I am available to do that. Thank you for your kind word, appreciate it a lot.
      I wish you a great weekend

  2. I was in Malacca with my parents a few days back but had to return to Singapore bec dad was taken ill so had to cut short my stay there. Been to Malacca many times but never get tired of its old Malayan & Peranakan charm. Hope you guys get to Taman Negara fine. Its awesome. If possible, do check out Sarawak & Sabah too. Happy travel!

    1. Ohh I am so sorry to hear that.
      I know exactly what you mean. The buildings and some of the art makes it a lot more vivid.
      We are actually planning on visiting Taman Negara. Do you have any suggestion on what to do in Taman Negara?
      Thank you so much dear. Have a great weekend πŸ™‚

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