Same destination, different routes…

This story that I am about to tell you could be ripped of from a Romcom (romantic comedy), it is almost to good to be true.
It all started out last year when we decided to take a long trip to asia and we have heard so much about Malaysia and chose to visit it.

The thing is that I already had a ticket to Singapore so we only need to buy a ticket to Therese so that is why we travelled to the same destination but with different flights.

My itinerary was Stockholm – Helsinki – Singapore total duration 12 hours while Therese iterary was Stockholm – Doha – Singapore 17 hours in total. Another difference is that I have business class and Therese with economy class.

I have never travelled business class before and had this opportunity to do that this time. I have to admit it did feel a little bit weird to just board among the first ones since I normally use to board last, but there was one man who felt that I didn’t belong in the priority queue based on how I was dressed, casual jeans, a hoodie with matching beanie and my yellow/blue shoes. I kinda stood out amongst these white collar dressed people. I gave the staff my ticket and *blip* she welcomed me and I turned around and gave the man a nod and walked on board.

Somewhere between Stockholm and Doha

Meanwhile, Cong was having his time of his life, I was trying my best being positive and went to my gate to enter my flight to Doha. I had the perfect plan for not be jet lagged. I was planning to sleep at the first flight (6 hours) and stay awake on the next (7 hour) to be able to sleep when i arrive in Singapore at 21:30. I was a bit tired and really looking forward to sleep, I also had a fever and cold that has been very stubborn the last couple of days. So when i found my seat (window seat, chosen by me, so I could have a good night sleep by leaning against the window), occupied by another women, I kindly asked her to move which she happily did do. While she was collecting her stuff I felt bad because she had unpacked and made herself comfortable already, so I told her that she could sit there anyway. Another woman arrived and said she had the middle chair but would love to sit by the window so she and the other women start to discuss and decide that she should take my seat and I should sit in the middle. Too tired to argue, (and always too kind), I accepted the situation. The two women were swedish like me so we had a nice chat before the flight departed. but we know how it is, some cold talk, then plug in music in ears and try to sleep.


Cong: The fly intendent welcomed me with a warm smile and I entered the forbidden area for “mortals” and my eyes have never been so big, I was sitting by myself in my own booth. I was figuratively like a child on Christmas Eve, I pressed every button, everything just literally popped up and the fly intendent walk by and gave me a “Ohhh first timer” smile. The best button was the one that makes the chair fold all the way down so I could lay down! The hardest thing was how to handle the remote control to the tv-monitor

Therese: By the time goes on, I start notice the women next to me (the one taking my seat first) was acting kind of strange. She acted like she was on a sleeping pill or something. She was fumbling with everything and falling in and out of sleep. When the dinner was served she kept on dropping her fork on my lap and almost spilled her glass of wine and glass of water over me. She asked the staff for some extra water, even if she still had only taken one or two zip of her wine and water. Told me it is good to have extra water, cause it’s gonna be a long flight. After she finished her food and fell asleep leaving three full cups of liquid on her small table. I was thinking that she really should drink it up or tell the staff to take them away.

When I finally fell asleep, i suddenly woke up again from having all three cups on my lap. my trousers was soaking wet of cheap white wine and water. the women didn’t even notice the accident she created. So I woke her up and told her she spilled everything on me. she was really really tired and explained to me that it will dry up soon, no need to worry. I told her to move, but she didn’t know how to get up, she told me her legs was stuck. (she had put her legs under the armrest). I forced my way over to get out of my seat and to get some tissues or something to clean myself, my seat and the floor. On my way to the toilet i found one of  the staff and told her what just had happened, she return to me with small amount of tissues. I took her with me to show her that it will not be enough and I would like to change seat. The women did finally manage to get up from her seat so I could collect my things. The staff found me a new seat in the back of the plane. The manager of the flight crew had heard about the accident and what had happened and started to treat me extra good and offered me some new clothing (a pyjamas that people in first class are given). so there I was, in a grey pyjamas, one hour left to get some sleep before entering Doha. I was sooo tired!


Cong: The toughest part was to chose which dish I was going to have, it all sounded so delicious and after dinner I plugged in the noice cancelling headphones that was included and slept like a baby and nothing in the world could disturb my sleep, til the fly intendent poked on me a little bit and said that it was breakfast. Great, this couldn’t be better!

I arrived at Changi airport in Singapore and a good thing to know about entering Singapore is most citizen may travel to Singapore for a period of 30 days or 90 days without a visa, depending on their nationality. But whatever you do, don’t loose the embarkation paper because when the visitor leaves Singapore, the Embarkation portion will be retrieved from the visitor.




Therese got 15 min free wifi on board in the flight and contacted me and asked me about if I had arrived to the hostel and if everthing went okey, earlier I haved told her that I was going to explore Singapore on my own because I arrived 5 hours earlier than Therese. So I lied and told her that everything was beautiful here, just take a taxi to the hostel. It is really cheap around 10 Singaporian dollar, I actually have no idea what it costs, and I will be waiting for her there. What actually happened was that I only explored 1 square meter of the airport, that was what I was doing for 4,5 hours.

I was going to surprise Therese with a sign and flowers, the sign was easy to get but the flowers was a little bit tricky. I went to the first person that worked at the airport and asked me where I could buy some flowers and he pointed at one direction for me and I was heading towards the flower stor, but the only thing I found was a dead end. I had to ask a new staff member where I could get some flowers because I was short on time now, Therese will land any minute now. This woman told me that I could buy some flowers on the second floor, so I ran to the new direction with 23 kg backpack on my back, for a minute I was thinking of picking some flowers that was at the airport as decoration but I have heard about weird laws that they have in Singapore so lets not take a chance.

Finally I found a flower store, note to self, don’t ask a man where to buy flowers. Guess what I made it just in time because Therese called me when I was standing right outside.

It was worth all the waiting and sweat to see her break up in that special smile that she has.
This was a hectic first day for both of us even if it was at different places.


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