Singapore, in less than 24 hours

Singapore is known not to be cheap compared to the other southeast asia countries. We use to go by the hotel/hostel prices if we will be living like a King or a backpacker. After some googling we found this hostel Sleepy Kiwi that is located in an area known as little India.
We arrived quite late in the evening and wanted to have some dinner before hitting the bed. Just outside the hostel there were tons of restaurants with flavours from all over the world. There were bouncer at every restaurant trying to lure us in but a quick look at the price made us hesitate. The funny part is that none of these “fancy” restaurants had almost any customer except from one restaurant in the corner which hade plastic chairs and foldable tables, a real street restaurant. It was crowded with people, so we joined them and had a classical backpacker dinner.

We have never stayed at hostel before, even less share a room with 16 other people from different nationalities. I thought it would be chaos at first to live with so many people in one room and sharing only 2 toilets. But it was not how I imagined it, it actually was okay sleeping in a bunk bed, except for one little thing. I forgot that not everyone is as quiet as Therese when they are sleeping. Yes, it was bunk bed we slept in, I haven’t slept in a bunk bed since I shared one with my brother for 17 years ago, and this guy above me snore so loud that he literally woke me up and made me think it was an earthquake. I used ear plug, music, pillow, tried to hold my breath so I might faint but nothing worked against that chainsaw of a nose he had. I looked at my watch and saw that it was 2.24, nothing to do then to get up and research what to do in Singapore.

This is how our beds looks like, cozy πŸ™‚ via Sleepy Kiwi

Singapore is definitely a beautiful city and what better to explore a city than go for a run.
I did see a lot during this run and it was hot already at 8 o’clock and people are heading for work. What I also noticed is how clean this city is and I was very careful of not spitting during my run since there will be a fine up to 1000$. No wonder it is so clean here.


Since we only had 12 hours in Singapore before we had to move on to Malaysia, we decided to visit Singapore Sea Aquarium. One of the worlds biggest aquarium with more than 100 000 marine animals of over 800 species. This place is perfect for everyone (especially for children since there were a bunch of them there). It is located in the popular island, Sentosa. In this island you can find more than 30 attractions to amuse yourself for a whole day. They even have their own Universal studios Theme park. But it is not cheap, we just did the Sea Aquarium and it cost us 34$ (Singaporian dollar).
To get here you can either take an Uber/taxi or through the Metro. If you take the Metro, get off at HarbourFront station on the purple line. From Harbourfront you can either walk to the island, which take around 10 minutes and are free, or take the cable car which cost 29$. So walked we did.

We have heard a lot from Singaporian food, especially about the diversity and influense from different cultures such as chinese, indian, indonesian and Malay. This is hardly a review since we just had a few dishes under this short amount of time, but we must say, it did not dissapoint us at all.


  1. Excellent trip, I hope you enjoy it, as well as enjoy your photos and comments. From Asia, I have only visited China and Japan, perhaps organizing a trip with friends to other countries. Happy stay, I follow you by instagram.

    1. Thank you kindly dear. We love everything about it here, the food, the people and of course the nature. Where are you from? We haven’t visit so many countries in Asia either, but we would love to visit more. So far we have only been to Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal and now we can add both Singapore and Malaysia.
      Thank you so much for the follow, I hope you enjoy it πŸ™‚

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