Travelling day

I don’t know if I am the only one who use this method of packing. I make a list of everything that I will bring with me and weigh every item and put it into Excel (who doesn’t love Excel) to have a clear overview. So far so good, nothing abnormal with that.

Then I got this brilliant idea at 21:00 lets go to sleep and to wake up at 3:00 and start packing, but Therese thought that I have totally lost it since we have to leave at 9:20 the next day so she continued packing til she was done.

9:19 – Our driver arrives and saying that we have to leave. By this time I have almost checked off everything on my packing list and was preparing for a picture to post on instagram, but there was so much yelling about being late so I had to pack everything superquick and left our home.

11:00 – About an hour on the bus ride I wanted to be effective so I plugged in my headphones and was getting myself in a very good mood and was about to edit some photos, when I suddenly got a flashback and a walkthrough my memory: Where I open the door and walk to my computer and there it is still connected to my computer, my external harddrive with all my photos, editing software and the most important all my movies and tv-shows!!!
That was the reason why I got up so early, to have all my media files ready.

Just earlier I had told Therese that I will NOT forget anything this time and there I am, sitting on the bus googling where to buy a new external harddrive and I can feel it from the corner of my eye that Therese was thinkning I told you so without saying it.

Great start to this trip!

Stockholm, even if the weather played some tricks on us with its cold, snow, wind and a dull mood did Stockholms architecture lit us up with its colorful warmth

Alternative route

What most people don’t know is that there is another alternative route from Stockholm city to Arlanda airport. Instead of taking the flygbussarna, which goes directly to the airport from Stockholm central station, you can take the commute train from central station to Märsta and from there just take the bus that goes to Arlanda for one third of the price compared to flygbussarna and the you will arrive at the same time.


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